Pre- requisites for this form of Dutch education are:

– a MS-Windows based computer and a good internet connection
– educational Dutch books
– the willingness to learn Dutch


Preliminary course

The preliminary course for NTC-lessons is suited to Dutch speaking children who are staying in a foreign country but who want to maintain and improve their knowledge of the Dutch language. These children are attending a local or an international school where normally Dutch education is not provided. Our course is meant as a supplement or a preparation for an eventual return to the Netherlands and provides an easier adaption on return to the Dutch school system again.

The preliminary course is equivalent to the level of the schools in the Netherlands. We work with the same books and instruction sheets.

The pupils receive instructions which enable them to work completely independently. During the weekly contacts with the teacher problems which arise or things the pupil does not understand shall be explained, (written) tests are being made and a lot of attention will be given to the actual speaking of the Dutch language.
This form of education enables the teacher to adapt lessons as much as possible to every individual child.
In mutual consent with the parents a fixed day and time for the weekly education will be set.
This continuity is very important.

At the moment we give preliminary courses for the basic school groups 3 to 8 inclusively.
And for secondary education till level VO3

Costs for the schoolyear 2018-2019

Registrations befor september 1st. 2018:

Group 3: 30 skype lessons of 30 minutes each € 975,00

Group 4- VO3: 30 skype lessons of 45 minutes each € 1200,00

Registrations after september 1st. 2018:

Group 3: € 1125,00

Group 4-VO3: € 1350,00

All prices are excluding educational material


Individual course

This is a course based on the same principles as above but in this case completely adapted to the needs of the pupil.
This course is compiled in mutual consent with the parents.



The course for adults is suited for those who have no knowledge at all of the Dutch language. We teach until level A2 from ERK/CEF ( Common European Framework of Reference).

We also provide the possibility of a “crash“ course, these courses consist of a very intensive daily learning sessions for a minimum of one week followed by lessons on a weekly basis.






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