Welcome to the site of remote learning/ blended learning of the Dutch language.

Wherever in the world you are living you can now follow our courses in Dutch language through video conferences from the comfort of your own home.

Why distance education?

During their stay abroad it is important that children continue to learn and develope their command of the Dutch language. In order to achieve this, many children attend a special school, a so called NTC-location, where the Dutch language and Dutch culture are being taught. Unfortunately these NTC-locations are not everywhere and that is the reason that why we have created a form of online education for distance learning.

About us

The teaching program is conducted by an officially licensed and experienced Dutch teacher. The teacher instructs and assists pupils through weekly video conferences. The teacher has a wide experience in living and teaching Dutch language in foreign countries.

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There are several options to learn the Dutch language at home using the internet:

  • For children: a course especially adapted for each child or a preliminary course for NTC-education.
  • For adults: an official Dutch language course for starters until level A2.
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    Advantages remote learning

  • No loss of time due to travelling to and from home to a school.
  • Being able to adapt the speed of the course to the pupil at any time.
  • The preliminary course is an easy learning program.
  • Digital work environment.
  • Main attention is focussed on the speaking of, listening to, reading and writing of the Dutch language.

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    If you are interested and would like more information or wish to subscribe to a course of Dutch language in this form of education, please do not hesitate to contact us.